Gibby's Professional FIT TESTING LLC

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02/15/2022     Kingsbury Vol Hose Co starting at 6:30pm
02/17/2022     H & V Easton
02/24/2022     H & V Easton
02/25/2022     H & V Easton
​03/03/2022     H & V Easton
03/08/2022     Easton Volunteer Fire Company starting at 6:00pm
03/21/2022     Saratoga Springs Fire Department 
04/04/2022     Charlton Fire Department starting at 6:30pm
04/11/2022     Niverville Fire Department starting at 6:00pm
​05/21/2022     Providence Fire District starting at 8:30am

If you need a Fit Test performed and would like to attend one of these dates please contact Karen/Gary at (518) 893-2174/ (518) 366-0535 prior to the date so we can bring the appropriate test adapter with us to the location for you!