Gibby's Professional FIT TESTING LLC

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Service Provided by Gibby's

We perform Quantitative "Fit Testing" on half face mask, full face masks and N95 disposable masks.

We can "Fit Test" Two people per 7 minutes (assuming there are no problems with their mask).

Each person is "Fit Tested" with their own mask.  This ensures that the person wearing the mask:

     1.  Has the knowledge to don the respirator or if they have never worn one we can advise them on
​         the proper donning.

     2. If a mask is defected the machine will stop the test.

After each completed and passed "Fit Test" the individual will sign their results and will received a laminated "Fit Test" card.  This card will have on it: Their name, Fit Test Factor, Mask Information, Date Tested, Next Test Date and the operator who performed the test.

At the completion of the test date, within 1-3 days the company will receive a binder with each individual tested with their result and a daily check report that shows the machines were tested prior to testing.

If you would like to receive a sample binder please contact us and we will be glad to mail one to you.