Gibby's Professional FIT TESTING LLC

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We our a family owned Fit Testing business of Volunteer Firefighters since June 2009:
​Karen Gibbins (15 years) Gary Gibbins (over 40 years) Jason Gibbins (over 15 years) Josh Gibbins (8 years)

All our staff have been certified to operate and conduct Quantitative Fit Testing by A. J. Abrams (Division of TSI-Portacount).

Our Portacount machines that we use for Fit Testing are sent out each year to the factory for service and calibration.

Fire Departments and Companies that have used our Fit Testing services:

Amsterdam Fire Department                                                               Shaker Road Loudonville Fire Department
Shushan Fire Department                                                                    Global Foundries
Round Lake Fire Department                                                              East Glenville Fire Department
Greenfield Fire District                                                                         Wilton Fire Department
Corinth Fire Department                                                                      Hadley-Luzerne Fire Department
Gansevoort Fire Department                                                               Burnt Hills Fire Department
Galway Fire Department                                                                      Harmony Corners Fire Department
Hoosick Fire District                                                                             West Hoosick Fire Department
Providence Fire Department                                                               Saratoga Springs Fire Department
Schylerville Fire Department                                                              Salem Fire Department
Ft. Edward Fire Department                                                                W. Glenville Fire Department
Rock City Falls Fire Department                                                         Fort Miller Co. Inc.
White Creek Fire Department                                                             Hollingsworth & Vose Co.
Rensselear Fire Department                                                                Zayacheck Mechanical
Charlton Fire Department                                                                   Clinton Heights Fire Department
Kingsbury Hose Company                                                                   Sepsa North America
​Middle Falls Fire Department                                                              Astro Chemicals

Cottrell Paper Company                                                                       ServPro of So. Saratoga County
​Service Master-Green Island                                                                Whitney Young Health Center
​Scotia Fire Department                                                                         Halfmoon Waterford Fire Department

​Boght Community Fire Department                                                  Wells Volunteer Fire Company
​Victory Mills Fire Department                                                             D.A.Collins Companies
Niverville Fire Department                                                                  Bulldog Fire Apparatus
​Espey Mfg.

It's a pleasure to have met so many new firefighters and friends!  We look forward to meeting many more.